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i. Manufactura Zippered Hoodies
ii. Censor - Empire Holds Down Ltd. Edition Available for Preorder
iii. New Hive Signing - Duncan Avoid
iv. New Reviews of Chango Feo and Terminal Sound System
v. Manufactura - 'Precognitive Dissonance' CD Release Parties
vi. Website Updates

i. + We are currently taking reserves for Manufactura zippered hoodies. We will only be ordering a very small number, so if you would like to reserve one, please email with the quantity, size, your name and mailing address. You can see the back print here:

They are $26 postpaid in the USA, or $30 postpaid in Europe and the rest of the world. We will contact you with payment information when we get them, in about two weeks. Reserves will end in a couple of days, so if you want one, email us quick!

ii. + Censor's debut album 'Empire Holds Down' is now available for preorder! Censor hails from New York City, where he composes the soundtrack to urban descent in anonymity. Combining complex drum and bass rhythms with dark and expansive strings and destroyed samples, he tears through the borders separating industrial, breakcore, dnb, and powernoise music. His talent for producing intelligent rhythms is surpassed only by his intent ear for truly beautiful melodies and complex orchestral moments. Taking a nod from luminaries such as Panacea, he also leaves a truly original mark on the minds of listeners with his violent yet intensely beautiful songwriting. Keep your eyes on this one, he is going to be the next titan of dark electronics.

The first 100 preorders come with a limited edition 3" featuring a collaboration between Censor and Retnah, including an ambient remix by Cdatakill. This EP is more violent and chaotic than the album, and will come as a treat to fans of the distorted beat.

The album will begin shipping in mid-February.

You can find more info about the album and place an order here:

iii. + Hive is pleased to announce the newest member of our swarm - Duncan Avoid. We will be releasing DA's excellent new album Metaphysics later this year. The collaborative project of Kaebin Yield and Undacova/Erratic, Duncan Avoid bring to the table a deliberately challenging mélange of twisted ambience, impossibly broad pallets of moody and often agressive sounds, and sledge-shattered noisey breakcore. Dually challenging and rewarding, absorbing Metaphysics is like acclimating to a new dialect - familiar elements are sometimes present in the sound, but the result is also wholly different, disorienting and exciting. Features remixs by C-Drik, Mirex artist Subskan, and Kotra.
Expect to be enthralled - this duo from Belgium are expert sculptors of sound and architects of rhythm.

For more info, check out:

iv. + New reviews are up on the website from Wet Works Ezine of Chango Feo's 'Alaska' and Terminal Sound System's 'Solaris'.

"Solaris is an album I find myself listening to over and over again. Throughout it's 9 tracks and 54 minutes, "Solaris" presents a work of paranoid tension, masterful percussion and layering, laid back trip-hop rhythms and enough substance to have you hitting the repeat button quite a few times."

you can read the full reviews here:

v. + CD release parties for Manufactura have been set up for Chicago IL, NYC, Miami FL, Dallas TX, San Antonio TX, and Washington, DC. You can find the specifics on the Hive website.

vi. + The Hive records website has been updated with new MP3s for Duncan Avoid's 'Metaphysics', new band info about DA, new items in the distro page, info for CD release parties, new reviews, etc. Check it:

Thanks for reading!
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