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Hive Records News 03.15.2k4

Lots of great news! [Our apologies for cross-posting.]

i. Censor _ Empire Holds Down [HIV.07]
ii. Rereleases for Pneumatic Detach [HIV.02 and HIV.03]
iii. Two new releases for May - Tekniq and Exclipsect + Kaebin Yield
iv. New Reviews and Interviews
v. Live news [Pneumatic Detach, Censor, Retnah, Manufactura]
vi. Hive website updates
vii. A special note from Davyd P @ Hive

i. + Censor's debut album Empire Holds Down is almost here! The album is at the factory now, and will be out by the end of March. This album floods the intricate pathways between drum-and-bass, industrial, powernoise, and hardcore with sonar pings and records the findings in audio format. Intricate, bombastic, and definately fucking delicious, Censor is an act who has come out of nowhere to kick you in the chest. There are still a few copies of the limited edition version of the album available, so if you haven't gotten one reserved yet, you would do well to get one now. Also, keep an eye out for an upcoming TIK compilation featuring a censor track.

[Due to the delays in releasing this album, if you preordered a copy before March 15, you will recieve a special CDR featuring unreleased and upcoming tracks from Hive artists including Duncan Avoid, Kaebin Yield, Exclipsect, and others. We apologize for the delays, such is the nature of the music business, though we sincerely appreciate your patience and support!]

ii. + Available for preorder now! Very limited quantities of Pneumatic Detach's two recent [and sold out] releases Pareses Re:infected and the Pneumatic Detach + C2 split release Pareses / cc: are now available for order on the Hive website. These will go quick, so get one now if you have been looking for one of these gems. These will also be available at the upcoming Pneumatic Detach live shows this year.

iii. + New releases confirmed! May 1st will see the release of two new Hive Records releases: Tekniq's much-anticipated Shazbut! and a split release between Exclipsect and Kaebin Yield entitled Symbiosis [which will be packaged in a metal tin]. We are obviously very excited to be bringing these two amazing releases to the masses for consumption! Sound files for both albums are available on the Hive Records website. Both albums are limited to just 200 copies only, so keep your eye out for these when they drop.

iv. + New reviews on the Hive Records website! New reviews of Manufactura's Precognitive Dissonance from Slug Magazine, Twilight-Zone, Funprox, Chain DLK, Unmute, Metica, and more. Also new reviews of Chango Feo's Alaska, Ou Moins' Anti Matter of Fact, and Terminal Sound System's Solaris. Also, new interviews with Manufactura will appear in the upcoming issues of Industrial Nation and Side Line magazines. The current issue of Industrial Nation also features a scene-report on Dallas, TX with some mention [and an incriminating picture!] of Hive Records.

v. + Hive Records bands will be representing LIVE several times this year.

Manufactura - Live Punishment 2004

Thursday April 8, 2k4
@ The Vogue
1516 11th ave
Seattle Wa USA
21+ $10 cover
Doors - 9pm

April 15, 2k4
@ Nation
1015 Half St SE, Washington DC
Doors 8pm - 18 and over
$12 presale - $15 at door

April 17, 2k4
@ Downtime
251 West 30th St
New York City - NY
$10 with flyer / $15 without
Doors - 8pm
18+/21+ to Drink 8:PM

Manufactura will also be playing a full North American tour alongside Sister Machine Gun and Christ Analogue from April - June of this year as part of the DOMINATION tour! Details to follow.

PNEUMATIC DETACH will be playing live at this year's Saturation Bombing festival in Toronto alongside acts such as Ah Cama Sotz, Empusae, Horchata, Iszoloscope, Needle Sharing, Scrap.edx, and more! Info at the URL below:

vi. The Hive Records website has been updated, with a slightly adjusted layout for easier navigation, new album artwork for Tekniq and Exclipsect + Kaebin Yield, new MP3s, new info for the 'Fuck' compilation [coming this summer!], A new page for MP3 clips, updated distro page and ordering page, and more! Check it:

vii. A note to all our fans, customers, bands, distros, and anyone else who is involved with Hive - The past year has seen a lot of good and a lot of bad for us here. 'Real Life' has been a little rough, and the demands of running a record label on top of everything else going on has been very difficult at times. I would just like to let you all know that we appreciate everything you guys have done for us and all of the support over the past year. I have reinvested myself in making Hive the best new dark electronics label in the USA, and I hope that we will impress you all with the quality of music we will be releasing throughout this coming year - this is stuff that needs to be heard! We have reorganized our infrastructure to make sure that orders are filled even more promptly, that releases will hopefully now be on track with release dates, and we have redoubled our promotional efforts. So, to everyone who has helped make our little label what it is today: THANK YOU! You guys fucking rock.

thanks for reading!

davyd c pittman // dj :insect

+ // hive records
+ // insect aesthetic design
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