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Dauuuuuum, while i was muching on my egg mcmuffin im looking out the window facing the parking lot and what do i see?? ... Bird Lady and her EXTREMELY well-fed small wienner-like dog...I mean, I knew she had some cats but I did not know she had a fatass small dog. It looks like an overstuffed croissant -- this thing is fucking huge guys..this is definitely not something you would want in your lap.. not only is it fat but hell its odd in shape like a fat oblong corndog-looking dinner roll. Anyway, if this lady feeds everything in her home like she does these damn birds and this fatass dawg & cats I think we should stop buying groceries and just go knock on her door and be like,..."Hey you... ya got any eats in there??" and she would be like, "Oh veesitors! I love me some veesitors..Please come in and have some PIE!" and we would be like,.. "Hell ye that's what Im talkin about BIAAAAAAAATCh!"

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