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Hive Records News 04.09.2k4 [Exclipsect/Kaebin Yield, Censor, Manufactura, etc]

i. Exclipsect / Kaebin Yield - Symbiosis available for preorder
ii. Censor - Empire Holds Down shipping now
iii. Manufactura on US 'Domination' tour
iv. Tracklist for V/A 'Fuck' CD
v. Tekniq - Shazbut! new release date
vi. Distro and website updates

i. + The brand new split CD between veteran electronic dynamo and glitchnoise god Exclipsect and belgian breakcore madman Kaebin Yield is now available for preorder! Limited to just 200 copies and enclosed in a metal case with insert and sticker, this CD is a teaser for the full length Exclipsect CD 'Phantom Optics' [due out by the end of the year] and the debut Duncan Avoid album 'Metaphysics' due out this summer [Nico from Kaebin Yield is one half of Duncan Avoid].

This excellent CD brings together 7 tracks by each artist. Exclipsect moves in a new direction hinted at with the very limited and nearly unattainable 'Kinetic' EP, neatly folding together elements of dark and distorted breakbeat with IDM, heavy industrial, and trancey anthems. Kaebin Yield is one of dark electronic music's hidden treasures, and Nico de Gols' immense talent for engineering complex and violent breakcore and digital noise assemblages is eerily well developed. You can preview MP3s from the album on the Hive Records website.

Preorder now, because this release will sell out very quickly. Distributors interested in reserving copies can do so by emailing

1. exclipsect - seam:slant
2. exclipsect - motoroller
3. exclipsect - gravitron
4. exclipsect - push pin
5. exclipsect - copperplate [extended]
6. exclipsect - echocity
7. exclipsect - shatterspeed
8. kaebin yield - sonoluminescence
9. kaebin yield - dioptric peak
10. kaebin yield - protocols of the elders of soulseek [original by blaerg]
11. kaebin yield - dialectic edit
12. kaebin yield - kin recognition
13. kaebin yield - kvetch
14. kaebin yield - ratchet mechanism //

ii. + Censor's debut album 'Empire Holds Down' is shipping now! Response so far has been tremendous, and we thank everyone who waited patiently to recieve their copies. While plagued by numerous delays, this album is well worth the wait, and we are very happy with the finished product. The limited edition with the bonus Censor / Retnah 3" is sold out, but we still have plenty of copies of the album for sale. Response to the live set at the Needle Sharing / Larvae show last weekend in NYC was very positive. Keep your eyes on the hive site for a streaming video of Censor's performance soon.

check it. //

iii. + Manufactura is geared up to start the DOMINATION tour alongside industrial legends Sister Machine Gun and Christ Analogue! This tour will be a full US tour, hitting about 60 cities in just over two months, and will feature a wide variety of special guests, DJs, multimedia showcases, and bands. The tour website features dates, details, merchandise [including tshirts and CDs], a tour blog from each band, downloadable flyers and posters, and more! This is a tour not to miss, so check out the Domiation Tour website for more info.

iv. + The tracklist for the new Hive Records compilation 'FUCK' is now available! Each track on this release is exclusive to the disc [except for the exclipsect track taken from HIV.10]. Excellent photography for the cover art provided by Lithium Picnic studios.

1. pneumatic detach - relentless [fuck mix]
2. converter - stand beside him [and stab him in the neck mix by manufactura]
3. larvae - staesis
4. censor - freewill
5. unter null - the clock is ticking [terrorfakt remix]
6. railgun - the trouble with progress
7. end - life
8. concrete cookie vs incredibad - everybody dance!
9. muted logic - abort
10. manufactura vs kate mosh - manufactura tears kate mosh's fucking heart out [remixed by dj antimatter]
11. lapsed - ice cold
12. iszoloscope - suffocating simoniacs
13. ou moins - initially denied
14. hiv+ - havoc 2027 [flint glass remix]
15. exclipsect - gravitron
16. mago - hide

the first 100 will come with an extra disc featuring other unreleased tracks by bands such as Idyl, Lament Configuration, Synth-Etik, Asche, Unitcode:Machine, He Would Drown, Rec|use, Gacky, and others. Tracklist for CD 2 coming soon. //

v. + The release date for Tekniq's new album 'Shazbut!' has been pushed back to mid-June to accomidate final mastering and artwork. Mastering is being provided by the great 5-25 studios and artwork by the excellent Dsplcr. Keep an ear to the ground for this release, we feel it will be one of our strongest.

vi. + New items now available in the Hive Distro mailorder including the new C2 album, the new Neon Womb CD from Cranial Fracture recordings, the new Red Reflection and Minion CDs, new HIV+ and Epidemia releases from Nein Records, new Ad Noiseam releases, and more! Plus, we found _2_ copies of our sold out Chango Feo - Alaska ltd edition enhanced CD release. This CD comes in a metal tin and was limited to just 100 copies. If you'd like to pick up one of these two remaining CDs for $12 ppd, email us at to reserve one.

The Hive site has been updated with new album artwork for 'Fuck' and 'Symbiosis', as well as new MP3s, reviews, distro items, news, etc. Check it. //

Thanks for reading and supporting!
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