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Hive Records News 05.05.2k4

Lots of news this time around!

i. Censor live video online
ii. New reviews
iii Exclipsect / Kaebin Yield - Symbiosis
iv. Manufactura - Domination US Tour
v. Tekniq - Shazbut
vi. v/a - FUCK
vii. Duncan Avoid - Metaphysics
viii. New Hive website

i. + A video of Censor's performance this past April in New York City with Needle Sharing and Larvae is online now! Check it out:

tracks include:

Grey Line Reality
Untitled [from forthcoming new solo album]

total running time: 19m : 37s

ii. + New reviews of Censor's "Empire Holds Down" and Manufactura's "Precognitive Dissonance" on the Hive website.

"The clever thing and high quality of this cd is that the various style elements are combined very naturally and this results in a cd with extremely beautiful electronics and dancable heavy pieces of music in well balanced proportions so it’s equally enjoyable at home as it is in club environments. This cd has a remarkably grown up sound for a debut cd. " [excerpt of Empire Holds Down review]

"this album is intense fucking electro noise beats that are so heavy you will shit yourself in fear and ejaculate in excitement simultaneously. Yeah that is what I meant to say!" [excerpt of Precognitive Dissonance review]

You can read the entire reviews on the hive site:

iii. + Exclipsect / Kaebin Yield - Symbiosis split CD

This release brings together the boundless talent of Mason Yarnell [aka Exclipsect] and the fervent creativity of Nico De Gols of Duncan Avoid [aka Kaebin Yield] onto a single recording. The first half of the album finds Exclipsect moving in a fuller, more organic direction - hard and trancey rhythms slide through thick liquid atmopsheres which only fleetingly reveal hidden glitchy artifacts of sound. Kaebin Yield bring to the table an impossibly tangled mesh of breakcore spasms and jittery electronics, the final whirring moments of technology before a great, deafening silence. As a precursor to the upcoming full length albums on Hive [Exclipsect's "Phantom Optics" and Duncan Avoid's "Metaphysics"], we believe this release will stand on its own as one of our best offerings to date.

This CD ships on Monday! The disc comes packaged in a metal tin, and is limited to only 200 copies. These are almost all sold out, so grab one now if you want to make sure you get one.

iv. + Manufactura is currently on tour with Sister Machine Gun and Christ Analogue as part of the "DOMINATION TOUR". These guys will be hitting about 50 dates across the US and Canada, so there is a very good chance you'll get to see them in your hometown. Reports so far from the tour suggest that theyre tearing shit up - don't miss them!

You can get more info, including downloadable flyers and posters, merchandise, streaming audio, tour blog [a good read], a list of tour dates and venues, etc here at the website:

v. + Tekniq - Shazbut CD

Coming soon is the 2nd album by the immensely talented Tekniq. One of the most exciting surprises we recieved here at the Hive Control Facilities was an amazing demo from Canadian musician Mike Savelli, under the moniker Tekniq. The richness of the melodies and construction of the cut up beats, backed by an amazing sense of production made this demo stand out as something really special.

On his second release [the first album Compuglobalhypermeganet was released on Rudy Ratzinger's IDM/etc label Fliesskoma to much critical acclaim], Mike Savelli imparts even greater attention to the fluid soundtrack elements and hones the precision broken rhythms into microscopically engineered shimmering textures. This album has the unique ability to simultaneously challenge the attentive ear, and bliss-out the passing listener. Artwork for the release was done by Dsplcr, with mastering provided by 5-25.

This album is a reaffirmation of the belief that electronic music can produce a lush convergence of sound capable of producing an emotional response unattainable by other forms of music. Gorgeous, fragile and essential. Official release date coming shortly.

vi. + Various Artists - FUCK CD / Ltd. 2CD Set

Hive Records' second compilation release, FUCK brings together some of the best dark rhythm and experimental knob-twistery in electronic music today. While the songs collected here could almost all be tearing tendons on a dancefloor, each is also more than that - these songs were collected with the music lover in mind, and each track is a work dually suited to listening and moving.

Hive Records wants you to fuck. Fuck mediocre electronica. Fuck immature scenesters. Fuck censorship. Fuck sitting still, get up and break something.

The first 100 copies come packaged in a double slim DVD case and feature a special bonus CD with extra tracks. Photography by Lithium Picnic Studios.

Artists contributing are Pneumatic Detach, Converter, Larvae, Censor, Unter Null, Railgun, End, Concrete Cookie vs Incredibad, Muted Logic, Manufactura vs Kate Mosh, Lapsed, Iszoloscope, Ou Moins, HIV+, Exclipsect, Mago, Asche, The Maggot Farmer, Terrorfakt, Prospero, Tekniq, Kaebin Yield, Idyl, Lament Configuration, Synth-Etik, Bitsplitter, Unitcode:Machine, and Rudra Vena. Possibly more to come...

Look for this comp to drop sometime this summer.

vii. + Duncan Avoid - Metaphysics CD

The first official release of this acclaimed Belgian duo. Industrial and punchy breakcore freneticism coiled tightly around endlessly twisted ambience and hectic experimental sound sculpture. A landmark in the evolution of noisey and challenging music, Metaphysics is an album which is destined to become a sleeper-hit among fans of complex, dark, broken, harsh experimentalism.

The collaborative project of Kaebin Yield and Undacova/Erratic, Duncan Avoid bring to the table a deliberately challenging mélange of twisted ambience, impossibly broad pallets of moody and often agressive sounds, and sledge-shattered noisey breakcore. Dually challenging and rewarding, absorbing Metaphysics is like acclimating to a new dialect - familiar elements are sometimes present in the sound, but the result is also wholly different, disorienting and exciting.

Expect to be enthralled - this duo from Belgium are expert sculptors of sound and architects of rhythm. This CD will also be out this summer in conjunction with FUCK.

viii. + Hive Records home on the web has been updated - you'll find a more comprehensive 'news' section [with live pics from Manufactura and Pneumatic Detach], new sound files, an updated mailorder section, new reviews, new graphics, and other very necessary goodies.

Indulge us:

+ Thanks for reading, and thanks for all of your support!
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