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Now Available for Preorder

Tekniq - Shazbut! [HIV.09]

One of the most exciting surprises we recieved here at the Hive Control Facilities was an amazing demo from Canadian musician Mike Savelli, under the moniker Tekniq. The richness of the melodies and construction of the cut up beats, backed by an amazing sense of production made this demo stand out as something really special.

On his second release [the first album Compuglobalhypermeganet was released on Rudy Ratzinger's IDM/etc label Fliesskoma to much critical acclaim], Mike Savelli imparts even greater attention to the fluid soundtrack elements and hones the precision broken rhythms into microscopically engineered shimmering textures. This album has the unique ability to simultaneously challenge the attentive ear, and bliss-out the passing listener. Artwork by Dsplcr, Mastering by 5-25.

Prepare your ears. Release date : 06 / 30 / 2k4


1. saint              »
2. airport
3. button machines              »
4. minty tasty
5. near perfect
6. dream
7. city lights
8. rockstrongo              »
9. superfect              »
10. very untitled              »
11. applesauce
12. dream again
13. orange              »
14. get unchanged              »
15. sunrise
16. sounds wonderful
17. flamm
18. red
19. rockstrongo [displacer remix]

You can preorder this album now.
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