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Hive Records News 09.30.2k4

i. New Hive signing - Leaf!
ii. Terminal Sound System - LNIDOA [HIV.13]
iii. Photophob - Your Majesty Machine [HIV.14]
iv. TONS of new album reviews
v. New free full length 192kbps MP3s
vi. Free Hive Records / Metawerks KDX server coming soon
vii. Pneumatic Detach, Manufactura Live Action
viii. Website Updates

i. + Hive is very proud indeed to welcome the newest addition to our roster - Dallas' own Leaf. Many of you will recognize the name from the "Paperdress" track from the F_CK compilation we released last month.

After seven years of composing gritty yet ethereal abstract trip hop, Steve Wick is now ready to meet the world.

A well respected producer in Dallas, Texas, Wick has layed down backing beats and produced dark anthems for scores of underground hip hop artists in Dallas. The Leaf project is a collaboration between Wick and members of Biogliphic, 32nd Kalpa, Blunt Force, and other area producers, a melding of dirty hip hop rhythm, crystalline melodies, insane sampling, and smooth organic instrumentation. Consistently dark and weighty, Leaf's compositions bring to mind some of the best abstract trip hop artists [DJ Shadow, DJ Signify, Vadim, Tricky], but their keen sense of place and mood, and unexpected uplifting moments set them apart as something worth notice.

This is somber downtempo for dreamers, dealers, light sleepers, and everyone who knows the taste of concrete in the midnight air.

Leaf's debut album "Made Into Itself" will hit the shelves later this year.

ii. + Available October 5th - Terminal Sound System "Last Night I Dreamed of Armageddon" [HIV.13] Ltd. Edition of 500

Terminal Sound System returns to Hive with an amazing new album. Somewhere in the massive unfolding ambience, you realize that you're listening to the end of the world. Not a malevolent armageddon, but an intimate, warm apocalypse. This is the sound of solitude, comforting in its permanence and grandeur, a deeply personal reflection on a world no longer there.

This is the distillate of every fear and wonder at the end of things.

The beats scatter in every direction, broken beyond repair and limping or careening towards an inevitable grinding stop. Microsampled clicks and pops, tiny churning and whirring devices, and warm, solitary ambient atmospheres document the last seconds to tick by before a great comforting empty silence blankets the world.

1. tomorrow will not come
2. when we are robots there will be peace
3. frame theory
4. (study of) the decay of elements
5. the structure of tasks
6. before the snow comes ash
7. what you can't see can hurt you
8. (i)=x
9. the function of the device

[MP3s are available on the Hive website]
Available for preorder now -

iii. + Available October 15th - Photophob "Your Majesty Machine" [HIV.14] Ltd. Edition of 1000

Just after the release of the new Terminal Sound System album, Hive will be releasing the debut full length from Austria's Photophob.

There is no greater love than the love of an automaton for its human.

Your Majesty Machine explores the connectivity between our ubiquitous modern machinery and our organic selves. Melodic sci-fi glitch and crunchy rhythms tell the binary tale of forbidden interfacing - sensory mechanics on soft skin, the reticulated optics that meet the aching gaze...

Flawlessly executed, Photophob have created a intelligent and emotional album that is equally appealing in the bedroom as it is on the dancefloor. This debut album will quickly become essential listening for fans of clinically-precise shattered rhythm, complex programming, and gorgeous symphonic moments. One of the most exciting releases we've put out to date, and sure to be well received by fans of innovative and progressive forms of IDM, glitch industrial, and rhythmic noise.

1. the starlight eater
2. her sexy circuits
3. floating near zero-zero-zero
4. while venting
5. in the hands of the space pirates
6. two beeps means yes
7. a little lesson in robotic love, part I
8. anger reduction control center unit
9. nav patrol
10. brains at -273,14°C
11. nomad's theme
12. hired hunter (killbot)
13. a little lesson in robotic love, part II

[MP3s available on the Hive site]
Available for preorder now -

iv. + 22 new reviews have been added to the Hive website for Terminal Sound System, Chango Feo, Manufactura, Censor, Tekniq, v/a F_CK, and Duncan Avoid. Tekniq's "Shazbut" and v/a "F_CK" were named Album of the Month and Compilation of the month at the Italian magazine Stillborn. Here are a few snippets from some of the reviews:

"It's not often that you hear something that's so innovative it sounds almost entirely novel, almost totally devoid of obvious influences, to the point of being a new form without a ready frame of reference... It is the kind of album that makes you wish your stereo was better, unless you have impeccable hardware, in which case you will wish that your ears were better."
_Duncan Avoid "Metaphysics" review by Aural Pressure magazine

"Dark music and industrial music fans will enjoy the opportunity to enjoy an album that is refreshingly unimpregnated with angst and darkness. Tekniq – Shazbut has earned Heathen Harvest's recommendation as a must have album."
_Tekniq "Shazbut!" review by Heathen Harvest magazine

"Like any good Mephistophelian pusher, Hive has something to offer you, something to help you slip the grip of conformity and mince a little dance step along the edge of the other side. Hive's eleventh release is a compilation entitled, simply enough, F_ck, and it is a little taste of the fringe, the edge and the underground. "
_Various Artists "F_CK" review by Igloo Magazine

You can read tons more at the hive website:

v. + Now available on the Hive website are 3 new full-length MP3s from the new Hive artist Leaf, encoded at high quality 192kbps format. All three tracks are unreleased and will not be featured on the debut release "Made Into Itself", so grab them while theyre here. One of the tracks is a remix interpretation of a classic Beatles tune.

vi. + The Hive/Metawerks design crew are putting the finishing touches on a free KDX server, so that fans of the label can log on with a KDX client and download exclusive content, full length videos, live pictures, and unreleased tracks, as well as use the chat features and direct messaging. KDX is a free shareware client similar to IRC, but we also recommend registering your client and supporting this great software. We will have more info, including how to use the service and the server address, very soon.

vii. + Pneumatic Detach will be playing at the 8-year anniversary party of Das Bunker, the legendary Southern California industrial club on October 15. You can see the flyer here: . Pneumatic Detach will also be playing in San Francisco on October 17 [venue to be announced shortly]. Clips from the upcoming Pneumatic Detach DVD will be played during both sets.

Manufactura is now more than half way through his 2nd US tour this year, co-headlining this time with Metropolis Records recording artist Terrorfakt. You can find the tourdate for your city here:

viii. + The Hive website has been updated with new reviews, new artist info and links for Photophob and Leaf, updated news page, new MP3s, etc. You can check it out here:

thanks for reading!
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