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Hive Records News June 19 . 2k4

i. Available June 30 - Tekniq "Shazbut!"
ii. Available July 30 - Duncan Avoid "Metaphysics"
iii. Available July 30 - V/A "FUCK"
iv. New MP3s
v. Censor, Manufactura, and Pneumatic Detach at Providence Noise Fest 2004
vi. Manufactura + Terrorfakt tour 2004
vii. New European distributors
viii. Website Updates

i. + Available June 30 is Tekniq's new album Shazbut! This release is one of the most mature and intricate offerings Hive has brought to the table yet, and certainly one of the most impressive. Mike Savelli dropped a bomb on the IDM/experimental scene in 2002 with his debut album on Fleisskoma, Compuglobalhypermeganet. The album made dozens of top-ten and best of 2002 lists, and instantly made Tekniq a name to watch. Now, two years later, Tekniq's second album is ready to affirm everyone's hopes - the music Mike creates has continued to evolve, and the painstaking composition and care with which this album was forged shows through in every track. Glitchy, ambient, broken, chatoic, melodic and sublime, Shazbut! is proof that there is not just good electronic music being created these days, but good music period. Soundclips on the Hive website, and this limited edition album is available for preorder now.

ii. + July 30 sees the release of Duncan Avoid's masterpiece, Metaphysics. A collaborative project between Undacova [Dyslexic Response records] and Kaebin Yield [Hive Records / Aural Addiction], Duncan Avoid is a bottomless well of unexpected mammoth soundscapes, surprising sampling and studio trickery, and broken noisey rhythms that connect like a baseball bat to the ribs. This release shows not only the impressive skill of these two artists and the maturity of their soundscaping, but it also reveals that somewhat familiar elements of noise and breakcore can be wrought into something totall new and fresh. This CD is a beautiful piece of violent and complex composition, and is highly recommended. Soundclips on the Hive site, available for preorder on July 1.

iii. + To be released July 30, Hive Records' second compilation is finally compiled! After tons of planning and track selection, we have finally put together what we feel will be one of our most most representative releases to date. FUCK is a crowded compound of sounds - D.Forma and Pneumatic Detach punch the guests at the door with noisey rhythm; Censor, Velapene Screen and Larvae trade glitches and keys in the hallway; Concrete Cookie does shots of Jaegermeister with Railgun and Converter in the kitchen to see who can hold their liquor; Terrorfakt and Muted Logic are breaking concrete in the garage while Leaf watches on, sharing a strange-smelling smoke with Mago.

This release is a sticky concoction of dark electronics, from powernoise to trip hop to ambient to glitchcore to violent breaks to downtempo to gabber. DJs and club kids will find as much merit here as headphone recluses.

Limited edition of only 500 copies, the first 100 as special edition with extra CD in a slim-dvd box with inserts and stickers, all enclosed in an electrostatic shielding bag.

Remember: Hive Records wants you to fuck. Fuck mediocre electronica. Fuck immature scenesters. Fuck censorship. Fuck sitting still, get up and break something. Soundclips on the Hive site now, available for preorder July 1.

iv. + New MP3s are up on the Hive site for FUCK. Tastey previews of new Larvae, Pneumatic Detach, Censor, Muted Logic, Iszoloscope, Photophob, Prospero, and Terrorfakt. Check them out:

v. + Hive artists Censor, Manufactura, and Pneumatic Detach will be playing this year's 3-day Rhode Island Noise Fest in Providence. Other acts playing include C2, Terrorfakt, Synth-Etik, Totakeke, Iszoloscope, Cdatakill, Larvae, Displacer, Scrapedx, and more. Hive Records will be there as well with a vendor's table selling CDs, Tshirts, and Vinyl. More info here:

vi. + Manufactura will be on a 30-date North American tour with Terrorfakt this September and October, hot on the heels of their full US tour with Sister Machine Gun and Christ Analogue. Terrorfakt will be supporting their new album Cold Steel World out on Metropolis Records, and their remix album Reconstruction. Manufactura will be playing in support of the new album Precognitive Dissonance. More info soon.

vii. + Hive Records is pleased to announce two new European distributors: Ant Zen [Germany] and Music Non Stop [UK]. We hope this makes our releases even easier to find for fans of dark electronics overseas.

viii. + The Hive Records website has been updated with new reviews of Censor's Empire Holds Down and Exclipsect + Kaebin Yield's Symbiosis, as well as new MP3 samples, new News section, easier to navigate reviews section, and more. Check it:

thanks for reading!
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