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Hive Records News 09.02.2k4

Lots of exciting news in our quest for total world domination and the eradication of shithole music this time around!

i. New albums for September - TSS' "Last Night I Dreamed of Armageddon" and Photophob's "Your Majesty Machine"
ii. New Tshirts are in
iii. New Distributors - Soleilmoon [US], Music Non Stop [UK]
iv. Manufactura vs Terrorfakt US Tour / Pneumatic Detach CA live shows
v. Providence Noise Fest 2004 pictures
vi. New Reviews [Tekniq, Censor, Pneumatic Detach]
vii. Website updates [Order form, News, MP3s, etc]

i. + Two new CDs have been slated by Hive for release on September 30, and are available for preorder:

Terminal Sound System - Last Night I Dreamed of Armageddon [HIV.13]

Terminal Sound System returns to Hive with an amazing new album. Somewhere in the massive unfolding ambience, you realize that you're listening to the end of the world. Not a malevolent armageddon, but an intimate, warm apocalypse. This is the sound of solitude, comforting in its permanence and grandeur, a deeply personal reflection on a world no longer there.

This is the distillate of every fear and wonder at the end of things.

The beats scatter in every direction, broken beyond repair and limping or careening towards an inevitable grinding stop. Microsampled clicks and pops, tiny churning and whirring devices, and warm, solitary ambient atmospheres document the last seconds to tick by before a great comforting empty silence blankets the world.

Photophob - Your Majesty Machine [HIV.14]

There is no greater love than the love of an automaton for its human.

Your Majesty Machine explores the connectivity between our ubiquitous modern machinery and our organic selves. Melodic sci-fi glitch and crunchy rhythms tell the binary tale of forbidden interfacing - sensory mechanics on soft skin, the reticulated optics that meet the aching gaze...

Flawlessly executed, Photophob have created a intelligent and emotional album that is equally appealing in the bedroom as it is on the dancefloor. This debut album will quickly become essential listening for fans of clinically-precise shattered rhythm, complex programming, and gorgeous symphonic moments.

ii. + Two new Tshirt designs are in stock now! A charcoal colored Censor tshirt freaturing a front and back print, and a 'dust' colored FUCK tshirt, featuring the wasp mandala from the album cover. Images and ordering info on the Hive website.

iii. + Hive Records is very happy to introduce new distributors of our releases - excellent distributors/label Soleilmoon [Muslimgauze, Controlled Bleeding, Edward Ka-Spel/LPD, etc] in the US, and Music Non Stop [UK's largest distributor and marketplace for Industrial, Experimental, EBM, etc music]. We hope this makes our releases easier to find in stores, and exposes some new ears to what some of the great bands we have the pleasure of representing are creating.

iv. + Hot on the heels of his very successful Domination Tour with Christ Analogue and Sister Machine Gun, Karloz.M, the madman behind powernoise/ebm/electro/idm sensation MANUFACTURA is at it again! Terrorfakt [Metropolis Records] and Manufactura will be co-headlining a 27 date tour across the country which begins tonight!

If the stellar performance of these two artists sharing the stage at this years Providence Industrial Noise Festival is any indication, there will be a lot of very sore legs and happy noisefreaks as two of the top industrial bands storm the soundsystems at clubs across the country.

You can find a list of tourdates here:

+ Pneumatic Detach will be playing at the 8-year anniversary party of Das Bunker, the legendary Southern California industrial club on October 15. You can see the flyer here:

Pneumatic Detach will also be playing in San Francisco on October 17. Venue to be announced shortly. Clips from the upcoming Pneumatic Detach DVD will be played during the set.

v. + Speaking of the 2004 Providence Noise Fest, those of you who could not be in attendence really missed something special. Every act performing put on an amazing show, and the waves upon waves of beats and noise made for 72 hours of mechanized bliss. If you want a little post-fest taste, you can check out pictures of the bands [30 of them, including Cdatakill, Manufactura, Pneumatic Detach, Synth-Etik, the Law-Rah Collective, Larvae, Scrap.edx, etc] performing here:

You can find pictures of the drunken mass of partiers in attendence here:

vi. + New reviews have been archived on the Hive Records website.

"From Dream's drifting synth melody and chanting choir, to the soundtrack of late metropolitan nights City Lights, to the soothing keys of electronic lullabye Dream Again, to the glitchy, chopped up booming beat of Orange, there is plenty of warm ambience that is engaging enough to never become merely a sonic backdrop. Definitely a welcome addition to Hive's arsenal as well as my collection I keep close at hand." From review of Tekniq's "Shazbut!" by Just Add Noise

"I recommend Tekniq's "Shazbut!" highly to those into gentle electronic albums. Both relaxing and groovy, "Shazbut!" is definitely one of my favorite releases this year." From Review of "Shazbut!" by WetWorks

"Rarely are broken, heavy rhythms combined with strong atmospherics in such a successful manner as here." From review of Censor's "Empire Holds Down" by Radium

"Absolutely intense and unforgiving industrial and glitchy electronics grind to severe, danceable beats. The rhythms assemble one upon another, loudly and powerfully throughout not only each track, but the entire disc as well, building a seriously maniacal atmosphere." From review of Manufactura's "Precognitive Dissonance" by Sublevel 203

New reviews to be added soon from Industrial Nation magazine, Side Line magazine, Musicwerks magazine, Comatose Rose magazine, and D-Side magazine.

vii. + The Hive website has been updated with a new "news" page, an easier to navigate order form [with a new shopping cart that will make purchasing smoother], reviews, and info on the new Photophob and TSS releases.
check it.

thanks for reading!
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